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Sunday School

Teachers for 2007-2008

John Vaeges and Mike Fara - Grades 6th and 7th
Holly Borkowski - Grades 3rd, 4th and 5th
Dana McKeever - Grades 1st and 2nd
Julie Monson, Christie Knudson, Michelle Andersen and Allyson Bornholft -
Preschool through kindergarten
Lauren Borkowski and Kendra Walters assists with Preschool through kindergarten
Caitlin Axland assists with 1st and 2nd grade
Michelle Monson, Jen Rasmussen and Angie Ahrenholtz substitute when needed
Julie McKeever has Opening
Pastor Ron has Closing

Sunday School Superintendent
Christie Knudson - communication, newsletters and calendars
Julie McKeever - music and the Christmas program
Holly Borkowski - organizing curriculum materials, mission projects and teachers

Kids Roster